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Tea Time! Whole Organic Soursop Leaves Choose 20 Fresh or 30 Dried USA farm direct to you Gathered at the peak of potency.

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Make Tea Time, a Healthy Wholesome Time Drink Soursop Tea.

Healthy, Healing Wholesome Soursop Leaves. Raised on the Back2thebeginning Farm.

Also Known as Guanoabana, Graviola, Annona Muricata, & Guayabano. Grown, gathered & hand packaged right here on our Farm.. Pick at the peak of Season & Early Morning for Maximum Nutritional Value.

Serving suggestion (1-2x a day) 1. Clean 2 - 3 soursop leaves. 2. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil. 3. Cut or tear the soursop leaves into smaller pieces 4. Place the Soursop leaves in cup and pour the boiling water over. Allow to steep covered. 20 minutes. 5.Hot or cold. Sweeten if desired

Fresh picked, Sunny Florida Farm grown.

Choose 30 Naturally slow air Dried or 20 Fresh Harvested

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