Dried Papaya Snackin Spears ~ Chemical & Preservative Free 1.5 oz

Store Dried Fruits Dried Papaya Snackin Spears ~ Chemical & Preservative Free 1.5 oz

Dried Papaya Snackin Spears ~ Chemical & Preservative Free ~ 1.5 oz

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Back2thebeginnings own fresh picked Papaya fruit.

We gathered the ripe fruits the same day we dry them, insuring all the Florida sunshine & vitamin goodness remains.

Dried to perfection with a bit of a crunchy chewiness to satisfy your ultimate snack time craving.

Our slow dried organic Papayas' are a healthy pure snack with "No added Anythingā€¯. No Chemicals or Preservatives.

High in dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamins A and C & beta-carotene.


Try some today & enjoy the fruits of our labor, Once you do were sure you'll be back, Back2thebeginning Farm

Due to the nature of organically grown produce. expect naturally occurring blemishes, variation in size, taste & color of fruit.

As with all fresh produce eat ASAP!

No Guarantee on # of Fruits, determined by weight.

*Orders are sometimes delayed while we wait for Mother Nature to do her thing. We'll let you know the status & expected "Due Date" ;)

Orders shipped via USPS Standard Mail. Monday & Tuesdays shipments only.

* Do to the nature of our farm fresh products, please note all sales final, no returns/refunds.

* We can not guarantee condition upon arrival as weather & shipping may effect products arrival. We take all measures to send quality fruit in top condition. They are fresh cut when shipped out & in peak condition. The journey however, can be tough on them, understand this prior to your purchase.

We have no control of USPS timeliness, hense, we can not guarentee items arrival date or condition upon arrival. :(

All fruits & leaves are perishable unless purchased dried & should be consumed within a couple days of arrival. Refrigeration is recommended!

USPS first class unless otherwise indicated. Insurance is not included in shipping & handling price.

Once item leaves our farm, It is out of our hands as to delivery date & condition. Priority available at additional cost to customer. Overnight shipping is NOT available.

Damage in transit issues (Photo required) Go to: USPS to file a claim. Submission by recipient same day as receipt.